Eight Business Contacts Every Southern Californian Real Estate Agent Should Have

Real estate agents don’t operate in a vacuum. In order to successfully conduct transactions, it’s critical to have an extensive network of qualified professionals who can help you during the various stages. Here are eight of the most important business contacts you need:

  1. Real estate inspector: Whether you’re representing buyers who want to know the condition of a home or helping sell an older home and need a comprehensive list of its defects, you’ll need a qualified and experienced home inspector to perform a thorough inspection. The California Real Estate Inspection Association provides a convenient search tool that allows you find a professional in your area.
  2. Real estate appraiser: In order to accurately establish an asking price, you might need the services of a real estate appraiser. He or she determines the value of a property — including the land and the structures on it — by verifying its features, assessing its condition, taking external and environmental considerations into account and comparing it to other properties in the same area. The California Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers provides a search tool that allows you to look for licensed real estate appraisers in your area.
  3. Mortgage lenders: Although the majority of your clients will have spoken with a mortgage lender before looking for a new home, some may still need some assistance. For this reason, it’s useful to have contacts at mortgage lenders — such as Peak Finance Company — to whom you can refer clients for mortgage financing in Los Angeles, if needed.
  4. Title company: A title company verifies that the title to a property belongs solely to a seller in a real estate transaction and that nobody else has any claims to it. In many cases, a title company also provides title insurance, which provides coverage in the event any liens or encumbrances come to light after the completion of the transaction and challenge the buyer’s ownership. It’s useful to have one or more title companies that you work with on a consistent basis.
  5. Escrow company: An escrow company collects the documents and financial assets that pertain to a sale and holds them until the actual transaction takes place. A licensed — or independent — escrow company like has to abide by strict regulations to provide escrow services in Los Angeles. You can look for escrow companies that are licensed by the California Department of Business Oversight here.
  6. Insurance broker: As soon as a buyer purchases a home, that home needs to be insured. That’s why it’s helpful if you can point your clients in the direction of an independent insurance broker — such as Grand Mutual Insurance Services — who can discuss their options with them and help them find the right policies.
  7. General contractor: Maybe a seller wants to perform some renovations before putting a home on the market, or perhaps a buyer wants an estimate for a home upgrade before making an offer. In both of these cases, being able to refer your clients to a reliable general contractor is highly useful. Note that the California Department of Consumer Affairs Contractors State License Board allows you to check the status of a contractor’s license, which can add a layer of protection for your clients.
  8. Home stager: A good home stager knows how to spruce up a home so it sells faster and for a better price. The Real Estate Staging Association — or RESA — provides a member directory that allows you to search for professionals in your area.

Keep in mind that it’s wise to get to know several of each type of professional, since people might not always be available. And once you’ve worked with certain professionals multiple times, you can establish a mutually beneficial relationship that will allow you to help your clients and each other for years to come.

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