Networking Tips for New Real Estate Agents

real estate networking tips

As a real estate agent, you rely on your network to land new clients. Of course, you want people to know you’re a skilled professional. The goal is to build a reputation wherein the agents for both the buyer and seller refer their friends, family, and business associates to you. Word of mouth referrals, regardless of the type of real estate transaction, are the very best advertisement. But if you’ve just earned your real estate agent’s license and are new to the business, how do you build your network? These real estate networking tips can help.

  • Attend local events. As Entrepreneur advises, it’s critical to engage with your local community. This can help you build contacts, gain referrals and hear about real estate for sale. People who know you — or know of you — are more likely to seek you out when they need a real estate agent. Think of opportunities such as doing volunteer work, sponsoring local charities and events, developing partnerships with local businesses and networking via your local SBA.
  • Start with rental clients. Although you don’t make as much commission on rental properties, they can be a good way to start. Many renters later graduate to buying their own properties. Talk to rental property owners about representing them and offer to take the hassle of finding tenants off their hands in exchange for a commission. Then make sure to always add every renter you meet to your contacts list.
  • Leverage LinkedIn. Review your LinkedIn network and follow up with people you haven’t spoken to in a while. In addition, use LinkedIn to publish your own articles, participate in groups and make new contacts.
  • Have something to offer your contacts. When you meet people, you want them to become your clients. However, not everybody will be looking for a real estate agent right away. That’s why it’s wise to have more to offer. For example, be prepared to lend your expertise about real estate matters or to introduce people to other contacts who could help them. By doing others a favor first You’re investing in those contacts and they’re more likely to reach out to you when it’s time for them to purchase or sell property.
  • Keep your website up to date. People who meet you for the first time are likely to visit your website to learn more about you. That’s why it’s advisable to keep your site up to date with a current headshot and bio. A blog is another great way to keep clients informed about the projects you’re working on.
  • Use social media to your advantage. If you use Facebook and Twitter to advertise your properties, connect with people on these platforms. This can add a whole new group of contacts who can easily refer your listings to others.
  • Contribute to local media. Contributing to local newspapers, radio programs, podcasts, and TV shows is a great way to showcase your expertise in the community. Look for opportunities to share your opinion, contribute articles and suggest reports.  These could be of interest to people looking to buy and sell property in your area.
  • Always carry your business cards with you. If you’re a real estate agent, you should really treat every new contact as an opportunity to network. Carry hard copy business cards with you, and use digital business cards to connect easily with people who do everything on their smartphones.

Real Estate Networking Jumpstart

If you’re just starting out as a real estate agent, real estate networking will take some time. But ultimately, it will be well worth the effort. Your business is only as good as who you know — and who knows you. Get in touch with Peak Finance to learn how the Peak Corporate Network can make finding and sustaining clients a breeze.

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