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Do you know how to make your money,
or your home equity, work for you?

Do you know what the pros and cons are of
holding on to a mortgage through your
Golden Years?

Believe it or not, you have many options
to choose from.
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    Where conventional lenders end, we begin to find solutions.
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    Why Choose Peak Finance Company?

    Peak Finance Company is a mortgage banker and broker specializing in solutions-based lending, currently doing business in California, Oregon, and Georgia. For more than a decade, we have enabled homeowners to successfully navigate the complexities and challenges of the mortgage-lending process and purchase a home at the most competitive rate available. We pride ourselves on finding solutions when others can't, offering a personalized approach that focuses on the needs and circumstances of each individual client. We work harder, think outside-the-box, and deliver results to distinguish ourselves from other lenders - and earn our clients' trust and repeat business.