Ramp Up Your Marketing with These Tips

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Marketing is critical for every real estate agent. Not simply the marketing of your properties, but also the marketing of your own brand. The reason for this is simple: Most people only purchase and sell one or two homes in their lifetime. As such, those homes represent the largest transactions they’ll ever make. So they’ll want to work with a real estate agent who’s known to be trustworthy and capable of getting a good deal for his or her clients. But with the plethora of ways to market yourself, what are the best methods to invest in? Keep the following realtor marketing ideas in mind.

Best Realtor Marketing Ideas

  • Advertise locally. Consider taking out advertisements for your properties in the local newspaper or renting a billboard to publicize your company. Remember: The more people know your name and face, the more likely they are to seek you out.
  • Optimize your website. Optimizing your website will make it rank higher in search engine’s results. You can hire a web designer or content specialist to optimize your site for you. This might be an investment, but it will save you a lot of time. You can also do it yourself with these tips from Entrepreneur.
  • Create a blog. As Forbes explains, if you offer people a lot of knowledge through regular blog posts, you’ll soon see your readership soar. It’s advisable to aim for thought leadership. In other words, discuss subjects you’re truly an expert on — and that can help home sellers and buyers.
  • Produce e-books. As an extension of your thought leadership endeavors, you can offer short e-books on topics related to selling and buying real estate. Consider things like a guide for first-time home buyers, best practices for DIY home modifications and how to prepare your home before putting it on the market.
  • Create videos of your listings. Buyers want to be able to visualize the homes you’re selling. You can easily create video walkthroughs with your phone and upload them to your website and social media accounts.
  • Send out email marketing campaigns. Hubspot advises starting a monthly email newsletter, as well as sending out email updates when you list new properties for sale. Make sure to include photos and videos of each listing.

To avoid getting overwhelmed by your marketing efforts, start with one of these realtor marketing ideas and build out your efforts from there. By consistently keeping up with your marketing, you can help ensure your brand is recognized by your target market — and that they seek you out when they want to buy or sell a home. For over a decade Peak Finance has been helping homeowners navigate the lending process. To learn more about our mortgage lending services, get in touch with us today!

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